Hiroto Yaginuma

Birthplace: Japan 🗾

Birthday🎂: 11.11.1989

Education: Sophia University (FLA - BA in Sociology)

I am a big iPhone photographer. I did own a DSLR camera before but I liked the portability of a phone much more than the high specs of the DSLR. (EDIT: I’ve got myself a compact mirror-less DSLR recently.) For me, it is more important to be able to take photos whenever I need/want to. Also, you can't underestimate smartphone cameras nowadays. The quality is astonishing. 

I am also passionate about healthy eating. (EDIT: I’ve gone vegan since Jan 2019🌱) I just love visiting a natural/organic grocery store and checking out up-and-coming healthy food businesses! You'll know what I mean if you check out my Instagram. I strongly believe that health is the most important component of your life. Without it, nothing else matters. You're what you eat after all.

Music is another passion of mine. I do love a wide range of music but my all time favorite is Okinawan folk music. You have to check it out if you've never heard it before. I also sing and play the piano, guitar and sanshin, which is an okinawa string instrument. I've been looking to start a band in my free time. Do you know anyone that would be interested? 😝